From massive prayer meeting right into the harvest fields


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From massive prayer meeting right into the harvest fields

The Story

On 2nd June, masses of people went into the city of Lagos to share the Gospel. The first reports had just come in from the start of the G.O.D. in Samoa when people headed out from the big prayer meeting to the city with 9 buses. Some people went to a beach in Lagos where many poor people, drug-addicts and prostitutes live, handing out food, offering medical help and sharing the Gospel. Some called this particular beach in Lagos the biggest gathering of homeless people in the world. Teams went to those people who live in wooden boxes or cardboard boxes and many made a decision to follow Jesus. We built a stage and set up tents right in the middle of thousands of homeless people and refugees, and were able to share the Gospel. A Muslim refugee from Sierra Leone told us that he accepted Jesus here. Although it was raining, the outreach carried on as normal. The Africans danced in the rain, served the poor and you could feel how the atmosphere was filled with the joy of the Holy Spirit. On the next day, the church put on an event in a soccer stadium and handed out food to 100,000 poor people. When Pastor Adeboye came on the stage, he reported how he had used the G.O.D. He phoned an old friend who became a communist 30 years ago and hadn‘t seen him since then. He talked to him about Jesus. Furthermore, his housekeeper went to a small town on 2nd June. When she came back she reported that 20 people there had decided to follow Jesus.