1 million christians evangelized in all states


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1 million christians evangelized in all states

The Story

Around 1 million people evangelized in all of Brazil‘s 26 States. It started at midnight on Facebook. Masses of people posted the message “Jesus loves you“ as their status, meaning that all of their friends would see the message. At the same time, banners with the same message were hung up in front of nightclubs. In the morning, a group talked to 700 people about Jesus. Thousands went into the Favelas, the ghettos, helping them with practical things and preaching the Gospel at the same time. All over the country, there were flash mobs, dances, concerts, drum sessions, pizza meetings, free hugs, prayer offerings, book giveaways, blood donations, free BBQs, free soap, free water, free carwashes, jugglers and a theater in front of 3000 children. Big banners that said “Jesus misses you“ and “Jesus loves you“ were hung up. In the most criminal part of the city they put on an evangelistic event. Every place you could imagine was turned into an evangelistic outreach opportunity: Supermarkets, shopping malls, parks, taxis, buses and trains, at the hairdresser.

Some people even used Skype to reach out and share the Gospel. There were church services on the streets and they were able to preach to a very influential mayor. Meeting places for drug addicts and prostitutes were invaded by the love of Jesus. Addictions were broken through prayer, and great numbers of people gave their lives to Christ all over the country.

A man was just about to commit suicide but accepted Jesus just before it was too late. In all the places we know of, the rain stopped just when their outreaches started. It had rained for 14 days non-stop and was really cold. But on this day it was warm and sunny with a bright blue sky - on the next day the weather was bad again. The churches were united through the G.O.D. and pastors talked about revivals everywhere.