Reaching out to "Pink Paradise" with the gospel


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Reaching out to "Pink Paradise" with the gospel

The Story

Around 100 YWAM students and staff went to Worcester into the heart of drug scene at Roodewal. It used to be a farm, but is now called “Pink Paradise“ due to the large number of pink apartment blocks and flats. First they went around and tidied up some of the most disgusting things you could imagine. They had to be very careful not to touch any needles. After that they went from door to door and offered prayer. At the end of the outreach, they put on an open air event at one of main central areas, reaching people through dance and theater and explaining the Gospel to them.

Around 10% of Dalton Bridge‘s population accepted the invitation to a meeting where they could hear about Jesus and watch a movie about HIV and Aids, which was really moving. They had many great conversations.