Horse riders preaching the gospel


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Horse riders preaching the gospel

The Story

During the preparation for the G.O.D. the minister of defense made a decision to follow Jesus. He ordered that soldiers set up tents in cities and small towns where the Gospel could be preached.

In the capital Ulan Bator, 2500 Christians met for a large event. Among them was a criminal who is wellknown in the entire country for cheating the President out of 300,000 dollars. He was in jail for 15 years and he gave his life to Christ while behind bars. Because the rain was pouring they couldn‘t carry out their big event and instead met in small groups, going into shopping malls, hospitals, prisons and poor districts. Here the people were so surprised that someone would come and help them and care about them that 99% of them opened up for God and gave their lives to Christ.

Since there are many mountain villages where you can´t go by car, 150 horseback riders went there in teams and evangelized. A man who had given his life to Christ was so overwhelmed that he gave parts of his house to the church which didn´t have a building to meet in until then. On one day, this church grew from 28 to 113 people.


In a hospital, a mother asked our team to pray for her daughter. The 21 year old had been in a coma for more than 4 months. Her doctors said that she would surely die. A day after the prayer her mother called us totally excited and reported that her daughter is conscious again. Shortly after that she could leave the hospital. The doctors were speechless.

A few days after that the team returned to the hospital and talked to the doctors; three of them gave their lives to Jesus.





healed after prayer